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This campaign is my own effort to emulate a classic tale of worker’s revolution against capitalist oppression. I chose a Dwarven city because of the similarity between Dwarven production/capitalism, clans/class, and the greed in Dwarven merchants/corporate CEOs. This game is within the DnD 4E universe but the city of Anvilrage is a fictional one created for the purposes of telling this story.


The underground Dwarven City of Anvilrage has been ruled by the Dwarven Merchant’s Guild for the last 250 years. The Merchants Guild controls the economy and politics of the city while the Church of Tiamat monitors the religious and social fabric of the people. As the sole business and governing entity the DMG rules over the populace through manipulation, fear, forced labor, and outright repression. The DMG sits at the top of the city in a beautiful and pristine silver tower in the exact center of Anvilrage, called the Tower of Anvilrage, and more often called The Silver Tongue (due to the lies of the DMG and it’s smooth and wavy structure with two pyres at the top, like a snake’s tongue) by the general populace. Circling the tower is the Ring of Commerce, populated by the lower rung merchants who directly oversee all the different mine shafts and tunnels throughout the area. Sprawling outside of the ring in every direction is the majority of Anvilrage: brown two to three story buildings covered in mud and centuries old stone as far as the eye can see until they blend in with the massive cavern walls. The streets are just mud tracks in between countless dilapidated homes. The citizens of Anvilrage are constantly walking through the major streets to and from work as shifts cover all 24 hours of the day, their clothing and faces smeared in the same dirt that covers the city.

The majority of the population of Anvilrage is Dwarven and works in the mining tunnels that stretch miles below and out from the city. The total population is estimated at 100,000 but the actual population including the masses of unregulated workers is closer to double that. Forced to work long hours for little pay and no benefits the vast hordes of Dwarven miners never see the light of day and rarely go a day without work and misery. They are joined by Halflings (captured and enslaved from small and detached clans), Humans (former criminals, nomads, and impoverished rural folk who were unlucky enough to be taken to Anvilrage), and Drow (banished from their homeland with little to no ties to anyone). They are most often captured and brought to Anvilrage as free labor by the DMG’s hired mercenaries. The live in small, filthy, and marginalized communities throughout the city.

Many of the tunnels under Anvilrage have delved into deeper and more dangerous areas recently, sparking anger at already horrible conditions. The recent accident in Shaft 242 saw a brigade of 50 Dwarven miners fall through a sinkhole into an ancient tunnel filled with Oozes who left nothing more than bones before they moved deeper underground.

The DMG has long claimed that without the priveledge of work the citizens of Anvilrage would starve and that without the DMG there would be no one to trade Anvilrage’s one precious commodity: silver. This claim has recently come into question as pockets of protest and resistance to over two centuries of slavery have risen up and asked, “What if we, the people of Anvilrage, controlled the mines? What if we did the trading, set our own schedule, shared the wealth amongst each other?” this and more was bellowed throughout the tunnels and heard by countless ears. The one who asked these revolutionary questions? Anisa, a Dwarven woman who has lost three children to the dark of the mines.

Anisa has been spreading anti-DMG ideas throughout the caves and tunnels. Revolts against the Silver Shield (the police that monitor all mining sites) have been happening more and more frequently. Anisa and her agitating comrades are swiftly gaining momentum and support throughout the labyrinth of the mines…will you join the revolution?


Anisa – leader of the Anvilrage revolution
Anvilragers – the revolutionary organization led by Anisa
Dwarven Merchants Guild – ruling elite of Anvilrage
The Silver Shield – Police of the DMG

PC Information

*Available races: Dwarf, Halfling, Drow, Human

*Player backstory: you are a miner in the Anvilrage mines. Dwarves are born and raised in the city whereas Halflings, Drow, and Human are captured and enslaved as children or adults. You can choose to know each other or not.

*Player class backstory: choose any of the following or something of your own creation
1) You were raised amongst gangs and learned to fight in the streets of Anvilrage
2) (Dwarf) Your family raised you with the knowledge of your powerful Dwarven heritage
3) (Any race) You were captured as an adult and already had training in how to fight
4) You are ex-Silver Shield, you refused to arrest and beat the innocent and for that you were sent to the mines
5) (Drow) You spent many years training in the Underdark and were banished for something (you decide) and have a lot of experience in combat.

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